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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Walking: Excellent cardiovascular benefit for the advanced age groups. Should be done briskly with swinging of your arms. Maybe done morning or evening for 30-60 minutes.

Jogging: Suitable for younger age group below 50 years of age. 30 minutes is all that is required and maybe done continuosly or jog and walk in between if you feel fatigued.The pace of jogging is equal to that of a brisk walkrun on grassy surface. Wear comfortable clothes and breathe freely.

Swimming: For those who know to swim, 20 minutes of continuos swimming is all that is required to have cardiovascular and muscular benefit.

Cycling: For any age group. Minimum of 45-60 minutes of continuous controlled fast cycling. Cycling up the slopes, has added benefit.

Games: For fitter younger age group. Warm up before the game. 30-45 minutes of the game is sufficient, play within your capacity.

Everybody knows the above said info but we seldom follow, even if one person can do it regularly after reading my blogspot, then I have earned my hardwork and time that I have spent in preparing this blogspot..


Our kidneys are filtering the blood by removing salt, poison and any unwanted, entering our body. As years pass by salt accumulates and this needs to undergo cleaning treatment..
   To overcome this, take a bunch of Cilantro (kothimbir) (dhaniya leaves) wash it clean cut it into small pieces, boil it in a pot of clean water for 10 minutes and then cool it down, filter it and refrigerate to cool. Drink one glass daily and you will notice all salts and accumulated poison coming out of your system by urination also you will be able to notice a difference which you didn't experience before.
Cilantro is known as best cleaning treatment for kidneys, moreover it is natural doesn't hurt to try once.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Use 3 drops of Baby oil in each ear before bed time for 3 days and you can ditch the cotton swabs forever.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


  1. Don't smoke: Experiments from experts proves that smoking a cigarette after meal is comparable to smoking 10 cigarettes (Chances of cancer is higher)
  2. Don't eat fruits immediately: Immediately eating fruits after meals will cause the stomach to be bloated with air. Therefore take fruits 1-2 hrs after meal or 1 hr before meal.
  3. Don't drink tea: Because tea leaves contain a high content of acid, this substance will harden the protien content in our meal thus making it difficult to digest.
  4. Don't loosen your belt: Loosening the belt after a meal will easily cause the intestine to be twisted and blocked.
  5. Don't bathe: Bathing increases the blood flow to the hands, legs and body thus the amount of blood around the stomach will therefore decrease. This will weaken the digestive system in our stomach.
  6. Don't walk: People always say that after a meal walk a hundred steps and you will live till 99. In actual fact this not true. Walking will cause the digestive system to be unable to absorb the nutrition from the food we intake.
  7. Don't sleep immediately: The food we intake will not be able to digest properly. Thus will lead to gastric and infection in our intestine.

Monday, March 1, 2010


  • Carrot + Ginger + Apple - Boost and cleanse our system
  • Apple +Cucumber + Celery - Prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol and eliminate stomach upset and head ache.
  • Tomato + Carrot + Apple - Improves skin complexion and eliminate bad breath.
  • Bitter gourd + Apple + Milk - Avoid bad breath and reduce internal body heat.
  • Orange + Ginger + Cucumber - Improves skin tecture, moisturise and reduce body heat.
  • Pineapple + Apple + Watermelon - To dispel excess salts and nourishes the bladder and kidney.
  • Apple + Cucumber + Kiwi - To improve skin complexion.
  • Pear and Banana - Regulates sugar content.
  • Carrot + Apple + Pear + Mango - Clear body heat counteracts toxicity, decreases blood pressure and fights oxidization.
  • Honeydew + Grape + Watermelon + Milk - Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B2 that increase cell activity and strengthen body immunity.
  • Papaya + Pineapple + Milk - Rich in Vitamin E, C and Iron. Improve skin complexion and metabolism.
  • Banana + Pineapple + Milk - Rich in Vitamins which is nutritious and prevents constipation. 

Saturday, February 27, 2010


  1. Breathe the steam from a vaporizer, hot shower or pan of boiling water. The moist air will sooth the airways and loosen sinus congestion and mucus in your throat and lungs. A few drop of the Eucalyptus oil will help this process.
  2. Elevate the head of your bed, this will allow the sinuses and nasal passages to drain better.
  3. Drink atleast 8 eight ounce glasses of water, this is especially important if your cough is due to an illness. Water is the best expectorant you can take, this will help thin the mucus and loosen the cough.
  4. Stop smoking
  5. Apply vicks to your foot and wear socks, this relieves you from cough during nights, funny but works.
  6. Do not use over the counter expectorant cough medicines as they suppress the symptoms and do not address the underlying problem. If you have the kind of cough with mucus you want to get it out of your respiratory system, not suppress it. Try one of the natural expectorant remedies below:
  • Try eating chilli peppers, horse radish or spicy food, this will help loosen the mucus.
  • Boil 2 glasses of water with pepper and ginger until it reduces to half a glass, add jaggery and drink believe me this helps to stop your cough and dissolves the thick mucus to push it out of your lungs.
  • During winter use a humidifier and a cool mist vaporizer.
  • Drink hot tea to break the mucus and moisten the airways.
  • Cough drops helps to stop the dry cough and moisten the throat.
  • Hot packs can be used on your throat and chest.
  • Avoid foods like dairy produst, meat and fried foods which increases the mucus production.